Wow Them with “KILLER” College Application Essays

30 Sep

Whether you, or someone you know, already have/has written your (his/her) personal statement, THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your college application package, or still are/is struggling to identify that “perfect” topic,  it is time to consider taking advantage of an opportunity to meet for a private session.

During the course of an extensive career as an English teacher and professor working with students in Grades 7-12 and with undergraduates in university classes, I have developed a series of twenty questions that help authors, and specifically applicants, zero in on that “oh so important” topic (often one not thought of before). Then as participants respond in writing to an additional sixteen questions, they discover the heart of their topic and the reasons it not only is particularly interesting and meaningful, but also suitable for a personal statement.

Typically, all students leave the experience anxious to begin writing and with significantly more clarity about what they want to say and how to say it.

So, if an exciting and enlightening meeting is on the table, I look forward to meeting with you/him/her whenever the time is right.

Joyce 🙂



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