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Wow Them with “KILLER” College Application Essays

30 Sep

Whether you, or someone you know, already have/has written your (his/her) personal statement, THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your college application package, or still are/is struggling to identify that “perfect” topic,  it is time to consider taking advantage of an opportunity to meet for a private session. Continue reading


Mind your manners!

9 Feb

Remember your parents’ warnings?  You paid attention, didn’t you?

Here’s my advice for today: Mind your fingers! With texting and e-mails  flying in cyberspace,  it’s far  too easy to slip into text-spelling mode when sending important messages.

AND, check your message one last time before you hit Send.  The auto-correct feature may do just the opposite.  It JUST happened to me!!!!!!  For real!  I typed “feature” earlier in this paragraph and it auto-corrected to “feather tire,” which makes absolutely NO sense unless, of course, you’re a bird flying a bi-plane!

Ciao for now–

JS 🙂


Tips for Today!

31 Jan

Today, I edited the work of a brilliant, highly accomplished female executive.  Here’s the tip I shared with her:  The point of your sentence should come last for emphasis.  In  following this advice and reworking her sentences, the revisions resulted in an astounding difference in her writing!

Also, once again I am reminded of the importance of knowing one’s purpose, understanding the audience, and searching for precise words to drive home a message.

JS 🙂

Be Smarter!

7 Sep

The smartest people are not the ones who know all the answers;


Never leave class with your questions unanswered!    

“WHY?” is a good way to start!

JS 🙂                                                                  

The BEST Way to Learn!

5 Sep


Talk in class. 

Talk to your classmates. 

Form a study group with others to whom you connect.  When it comes time to write a paper or study for an exam, talk it through.  We learn best when we engage in dialogue with other people.

Become a “Semi-Expert”!

2 Sep

A good way to impress your professors and teachers is to be  up-to-date about a current topic of interest. Whether it’s . . .

  • Hurricane Irene and its Aftermath;
  • The “Arab Spring”‘;
  • President Obama’s Decision to Postpone his Televised Speech to Congress;
  • FEMA’s Response to Natural Disasters;
  • The Controversy Surrounding Mayor Bloomberg’s Decision to Ban the Clergy from 9/11 Commemorations at Ground Zero; 
  • The Four-day School-week Initiative in Oregon;
  • The Economy,
  • or whatever else interests you . . . 

no doubt, you will win the respect of others!   Don’t be too pedantic though, or you won’t have any friends!   Just a friendly tip from . . .

JS 🙂

A Thought For Today

21 Aug

Like it or not, people judge you by how well you write.

Soooo, whether you’re writing your personal statement, writing a report, making a business proposal, or sending e-mail, someone is paying more attention than you think!

JS 🙂

Contact Information

18 Aug

Thank you to Jonathan,  one of my students at Fairfield University, who suggested I add my contact information.

Excellent feedback!


Should I Use a Book?

17 Aug

Yesterday, I went to a Barnes & Noble bookstore to pick up a book I had put on hold.  On my way to check out, I noticed a table with several books, all of which guide students through the process of writing college application essays.

In looking through one or two books, I found many valuable tips and suggestions for getting started.  By all means, leaf through these books, and when you find one that “speaks to you,” if you’re so inclined, purchase it. 

My strongest recommendation, however, is that once you’ve written your personal statement either take, or send it to an expert for a final review.

Yes, share it with your peers; share it with your parents; even share it with a teacher.  Then, when you believe you’re “done,” share it with an Educational Consultant or writing professional who has had experience coaching people who are applying to their top-choice schools.

These experts are “in the know.”  They can help you turn a simple piece of information into a powerful attention-grabber.

There is enough work for all of us, and whether you use me or one of my colleagues, do not miss an opportunity to obtain expert feedback!

 JS 🙂

Tips for Visiting Colleges

13 Aug

TO DO!!!!

  • Get yourself a small notebook to use ONLY for recording notes about college visits. If you have an iPad or Smart Phone,  keep a separate note page for each school.
  • Do your homework before you leave by visiting the schools’ websites.  
  •  Write down any questions you have, and be sure to get them answered at each school.
  •  Record your impressions of the campus, the buildings, the students, programs, and dorms.  
  •  Find out if there are any famous alumni from programs you’re considering.
  •  Be sure to talk with at least two students, more if you’re seriously considering the school. The campus coffee shop is a good place to go.                                                                                                                                                      
  • Tell them you’re visiting and that you’re wondering how they feel about the school.
  • In addition to asking them questions you have identified as important to you, ask what they like best/least about the school.
  •  Be sure to identify some aspect of the school you really like so that you can refer to it when you complete your application.  

Have fun!  It’s an exciting time of life!

Joyce Singer, writergt@optonline.net