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8 May

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To Next Year’s Seniors

8 May

CLASS of 2013 


Now that you have (or almost have) all your “practice” scores . . .

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I look forward to meeting you!

Joyce 🙂



February ACT Score Release PLUS Some Advice

24 Feb

To all juniors (and parents) waiting anxiously for the results of the February 11 exam:

Multiple-choice test scores will be available online Monday, Feb. 27.  If your return to school that day marks the end of Winter Recess, you have two reasons to get into gear!

ONE – Second semester has started, and you’ve already met new teachers for some courses and received new syllabi. Even if you have year-long courses, you have a new opportunity to increase your GPA.

ADVICE – If you have not yet done so, take out your planner, and fill in important due dates and test schedules.  If you participate in a team sport, you also should have received the practice schedule and game dates. Add those to your planner as well.  Now, add YOUR schedule. Yes, I mean the dates on your social calendar.  Notice how much time you do have to study!

TWO – You now have your scores from both the January SAT and the February ACT.  Now what? 

ADVICE – It is time to ask yourself some questions and to make some decisions. 

  • Where did you earn the highest scores?
  •  Which exam do you prefer? 
  • Which one will you target?
  • Are you going to take one, or both, again in the spring? 
  • Which exam dates best fit into your schedule?  [SAT – March 10, May 5, June 2; ACT – April 14, June 9 ]
  • Do you have enough time to prepare for these tests? 
  • Do you prefer to study during the summer months and take the test(s) again in the fall?

Decisions, decisions, decisions!  Revisit my blog post of January 30 to help you make them.

JS 🙂

SAT Section 10

21 Jan

Just sharing some hints for Jan. 28 test-takers–

The test writers LOVE to trick you, especially in Section 10, so remember:

  •  two, and probably three, questions will be correct;
  • pay attention to the meaning of the sentence in addition to its logic, and
  • note they like to focus on the same grammar or usage “issue”  multiple times.

While a student and I worked on some practice tests today, we discovered one Section 10 had three questions testing comparison, and the other had three questions about parallel structure.  

JS 🙂