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“I’m a junior. When should I take the SAT and ACT?”

30 Jan

So many juniors ask me this question!  It’s a good idea to get baseline scores on each exam, so I recommend juniors take “practice” SAT exams in January or March. Then, take a “practice” ACT in December or February.

Not only will you get a “feel” for each exam, but when you have both scores back, you will see where you performed best.  THEN, target THAT exam.

So here’s the scoop—

  • Some people prefer to study leisurely and will take the targeted exam in June.
  • Others will use the summer to study more leisurely and will retake the targeted exam in October.
  • Students taking multiple AP exams in May tend to retake the targeted exam in June.
  • Occasionally, AP students will retake the March SAT or the April ACT.
  • Students not taking AP exams usually retake the SAT in May.

What to do?

Determine your style, timeframe, and preference.

WAIT until you get those practice scores before you begin working with a private tutor or taking classes.

KNOW scores typically increase from year to year merely because you’re that much older.

RELAX! Your scores are only one piece of your application package.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

JS 🙂