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SAT Section 10

21 Jan

Just sharing some hints for Jan. 28 test-takers–

The test writers LOVE to trick you, especially in Section 10, so remember:

  •  two, and probably three, questions will be correct;
  • pay attention to the meaning of the sentence in addition to its logic, and
  • note they like to focus on the same grammar or usage “issue”  multiple times.

While a student and I worked on some practice tests today, we discovered one Section 10 had three questions testing comparison, and the other had three questions about parallel structure.  

JS 🙂


Tune in when you’d rather tune out!

19 Jan

“Oh, no,” some students think as their eyes begin to glaze.  “Not another grammar lesson! My paper didn’t have any errors.  Why should I care?”

Here’s my latest flash– Sit up and pay attention!  When will doing so really matter?  Those standardized tests are closer than you think!

SAT and ACT writers groove on testing students’ knowledge of grammar and usage.  You need to know how to recognize errors and how to correct them, not only for those tricky questions, but in your own work as well.  So, tune in! You will score higher on the writing sections of these exams and also will become a more efficient proofreader–for yourself–and for your classmates during writing workshops.

Soon, you’ll be whipping through those dangling participle and gerund questions like a pro!  The tests won’t fool you; you’ll impress your teachers, and your friends will admire your smarts.   Now, won’t you feel good about yourself?

JS 🙂