How does Step Right Into College work?

8 May

In response to two inquiries I received this morning, I composed the following explanation of the Step Right into College! program for college-bound high school seniors.

One-on-one sessions are individualized by student interest and begin with a self-selected article from The New York Times on a topic the student is curious about, yet is beyond his or her everyday knowledge.  Then we “attack” it using pre, during, and post-reading activities geared toward the implementation and acquisition of strategies that transfer easily to college-level reading, listening, note-taking and writing tasks.  As we go through this process student strengths, as well as areas needing coaching, become apparent.

Then, depending again on student interest and/or need, we may work on another article, a piece from a college text (I have many), on a novel, short story, or any form of nonfiction he or she wants to read.  This choice allows students an opportunity to practice the level of thinking, questioning, and writing college professors expect.  We work at each student’s pace and at mutually convenient times.  Because the process is a combination of interest, challenge, and no pressure, students tend to enjoy these interactions immensely, as do I.

After teaching college freshman for more than a decade, to my surprise, I discovered too many arrive on campus underprepared to meet the many academic demands, often compounded by typical adjustment and time-management issues. Having valuable strategies for adjusting to the “schooling” aspect of the college experience alleviates much of the insecurity incoming students must overcome during these first months.  And so, I created Step Right into College!

Our amount of time together depends upon both interest and need.  Sometimes, students and I continue the conversation via e-mail (and now we can Skype) from wherever they are on the planet during the summer months.

Again, visit my website, and click on Students: Keys to College Success. Feel free to contact me for further information at or at (203) 259-1442.

See yesterday’s post for a discount coupon offered to those who register with  retainer remittance.

Joyce 🙂

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