10 Ways to Get Unstuck When Writing

6 Jan

This page has been in my files for years.  I did not write it and wish I knew to whom to give credit!  It’s terrific advice!

The Top 10 Ways to Get Unstuck When You’re Writing

1. Think of writing as a traffic light.  Start writing on green. Whiz along, writing whatever pops into your mind. Don’t worry about grammar or flow at this stage. Just get the words on paper. Next, think yellow. Slow down, and check for flow. Does your article make sense? Now it is time to stop on red. Check every word for accuracy. Make sure your punctuation and spelling are correct. Now it is time to scrutinize.

2. Go for a walk. Writing is a creative exercise. It takes time. As you walk, your mind will consider what you want to write about. When you return, you’ll be ready to put words on paper.

3. Talk about your idea. If you’re having trouble getting your idea on paper, talk about it instead. Verbalize to yourself or to a  non-judgmental friend or colleague. When you do so, your ideas will gel, and you’ll soon be able to put them on paper.

4. Write something…..anything.  Start by writing your name over and over. The act of writing will unlock the writing center of  your brain, and you’ll be on your way.

5. Remember how good it feels to get it done. The process may be grueling, but it feels so good when you have created something that makes you proud. Don’t forget how fulfilled you felt when you completed the process. To remind yourself of this feeling, read something you wrote in the past.

6. Put it on the calendar. Schedule writing on your calendar just as you would any other appointment. Doing so will keep you from procrastinating.

7. Tell yourself it is only for ten minutes. We often see ourselves spending long hours facing a blank computer screen. Instead, give yourself permission to write for only ten minutes. If you are on a roll, continue. If not, quit until another day. At least you started.

8. Reward yourself. Give yourself something wonderful when you finish your writing project. It could be getting a  massage, reading a good book, or taking a bubble bath. Just remember to keep your promise to yourself!

9. Admit it.   Sometimes admitting you’re stuck and that it just isn’t a good day to write will help you get past the moment. If we dig in our heels, the block could last much longer. Just for today, move on to something else and return to your writing at another time.

10. Just tough it out. Sometimes you don’t feel like writing. You don’t want to write; you can’t think of anything creative to say, but you have a deadline looming ahead of you. Sometimes you just have to take yourself by the scruff of the neck and say, “DO IT!”

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