Should I Use a Book?

17 Aug

Yesterday, I went to a Barnes & Noble bookstore to pick up a book I had put on hold.  On my way to check out, I noticed a table with several books, all of which guide students through the process of writing college application essays.

In looking through one or two books, I found many valuable tips and suggestions for getting started.  By all means, leaf through these books, and when you find one that “speaks to you,” if you’re so inclined, purchase it. 

My strongest recommendation, however, is that once you’ve written your personal statement either take, or send it to an expert for a final review.

Yes, share it with your peers; share it with your parents; even share it with a teacher.  Then, when you believe you’re “done,” share it with an Educational Consultant or writing professional who has had experience coaching people who are applying to their top-choice schools.

These experts are “in the know.”  They can help you turn a simple piece of information into a powerful attention-grabber.

There is enough work for all of us, and whether you use me or one of my colleagues, do not miss an opportunity to obtain expert feedback!

 JS 🙂

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